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Andar Bahar is a popular Indian gambling game known to be originated in Bengaluru in Karnataka, and is popularly called as Mangatha in Tamil. This is a popular game of pure luck where dealer places the card face up & player bets on piles: Andar (means inside) and Bahar (means outside). A dealer then deals the cards alternately to two piles till the card appears which matches an initial card. A pile where the matching card comes is a winning pile. In 21st century, andar bahar game has become quite popular in the Indian casinos online.

How to Play the Game of Andar Bahar?

This game begins by a dealer dealing a face card up which they place in front of player. The face-up card will determine how a round will be played & when it ends.

After that, it is player’s turn for placing their bet. The primary goal is predicting whether– andar or bahar –the next face card with same value can show up.

Next, dealer proceeds to deal just one card at a time on every side of table till a card with same value as a game card gets dealt. Suppose the player placed their bet on andar & same-valued card gets dealt on andar then he wins however if it is dealt on bahar side, then he loses.

Check Out the Rules & Odds

As said before, this game is quite simple casino game and rules are quite basic for any player to understand. This game is totally random but as the odds is 50/50, then you have the fair chance to win when you are playing the game. The game can be played with just one player & one dealer by using 52-card deck.

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